5 dishes you should enjoy in Ibaraki

Each dish in Ibaraki has its own characteristics and you will never forget it if you once taste the specialty here.

Ibaraki is among the few provinces that are famous for agricultural development in Japan, where visitors can experience fruit picking in the garden. Moreover, here visitors can enjoy excellent dishes made from the rich ingredients of mountains and sea of Ibaraki.



This is the dish that represents the taste of winter cuisine of Ibaraki. Anko fish is an oddly shaped fish with a flat body, big head, and sharp teeth. However, in contrast to ugly shapes, the taste of this fish is great because fish is rich in collagen, high in protein and low in fat, low in calories, so it is very popular among women. From November to March is the season to enjoy Anko fish in Ibaraki. During this time, many hotels in the province will perform Anko fish cutting.


As a Japanese black cow breed, Hitachi cow is recognized as a brand breed of Ibaraki and raised in the north of the province. Thanks to the diligence throughout generations, and applying the advanced technique of Ibaraki farmers, the quality of beef is increasingly improved, making the meat taste more delicious than the breeds in other areas.


Characteristic of this meat is red meat in the back, tenderloin, ribs, buttocks which are very popular with Japanese people. Hitachi beef can be used as ingredients for many dishes such as Sukiyaki hotpot, steak, or Shabu-shabu. This is one of the delicious and famous beef types of Japan, please taste and feel Hitachi beef if there is a chance to go to Ibaraki.



Soba Hitachi is the famous Soba noodles brand throughout the country. With its unique aroma and flavor, these Soba noodles have a delicate and pure taste that cannot be found anywhere. The right time for diners to enjoy Soba Hitachi noodles is in the fall when buckwheat is harvested. You can experience making Soba noodles at many places in the province, as well as enjoying the "Soba Matsuri" festival in the fall too.



Coming Mito, Ibaraki, you should not miss the opportunity to taste Kaisen don. With fresh ingredients caught in the day, sliced thickly and seasonal menu, Kaisen don always leaves a deep impression on diners who want to eat well but much. With a regular Kaisen don serving, it will be twice as big as Nigiri Sushi, so for those who eat less will not be able to eat a whole Kaisen don serving alone.


Japan is famous for caviar. If it is caviar combined with ice cream, it sounds strange, making people think of the fishy smell. However, caviar cream is not like that at all, but it has a mildly sweet and refreshing taste. This special ice cream is sold at Mentaiko Park for 350 yen.


In addition, there is another famous ice cream in the province is chestnut ice cream. Sold at Kasama Craft Hill, this is a favorite ice cream by both tourists and locals. The chestnut cream has a milder taste than caviar and has chestnut flavor. According to the owner, the shop consumes more than 3,500 ice cream every day for 350 yen/serving.

By: Jonath Martin

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