5 famous amusement parks in Asia for children

Here are the famous parks right in Asia that you might consider if you don't know where to take your children to the summer.

After a year of hard work, summer is an opportunity for children to have fun and to relax before they enter the new year of school. Here are the famous parks right in Asia that you might consider if you don't know where to take your children to the summer.



Universal Studios Singapore is the destination that attracts many visitors to this summer. It offers a variety of attractions, games and entertainment options for families as well as adventurous people. As the first park with the Hollywood movie theme in Southeast Asia, Universal Studios Singapore has 24 attractions simulating American Hollywood studios, arranged into seven main areas, including Lost World, Ancient Egypt, and Sci-Fi City, New York, Hollywood, Madagascar and Far Far Away.



Legoland Park is a form of the park built with Lego figurines loved by children in many countries. And Legoland, located in the coastal city of Johor Bahru (Malaysia), is Asia's first lego-style amusement park, designed from over 50 million Lego bricks. Certainly, if you bring your children here this summer, she will be attracted to dozens of intellectual and adventurous games such as car racing, fire fighting, aerial roller coaster, water skiing, figure drawing, logo folding, watching 4D movies, helping children develop imagination and creativity.



You can also take your children to explore Disneyland in Japan, to see the fantasy world as if it were only in movies. The park is divided into 7 areas, 39 play places, many restaurants, and shops. When children come here, they will be immersed in the fairy country (of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs), take part in adventure games (Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain), adventure into the jungle (Cruise Cruise, Pirates of Caribbean). Also, visitors can interact with funny cartoon characters in Walt Disney style (Fantasyland, Mickey’s Toontown).



Everland is one of the most popular entertainment venues in Korea for families, friends, and lovers. There are 5 theme areas on the campus, including "Global Market", "American-style Adventure Zone", "Legendary Land", "European-style Adventure Zone" and "Garden zoo". Children coming here will discover history, culture, and festivals throughout the five continents. If your baby is a person who likes feeling strong, you can take him to play 40 adventurous games, such as sledding with the longest sled road in Korea, going to the water slide in Caribbean Bay bay, boarding roller coaster super fast T-Express, or admire wildlife at Safari World, Herbivore Safari, etc.



In addition to Disneyland park, Hong Kong also has Ocean Park, ranked 7 among the famous amusement parks in the world by Forbes magazine. Located in the south of Hong Kong Island, the park has more than 17 shows of precious animals, roller coaster tracks to enjoy the panoramic view of the South China Sea. The highlight of Ocean Park is Ocean Theater - where dolphins and sea lions can perform acrobatics, make games, or dance to music. In addition, children can interact with lovely and rare animals such as dolphins, pandas, and seals.

By: Jonath Martin

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