5 famous places attracting tourists in Brazil

Mesmerizing visitors not only by the hot Samba dance, but Brazil also clings the tourists' legs by the beauty of wild nature and extremely unique architectural works.


Lençóis Maranhenses National Park is one of the most wonderful and unique places in the world by owning a fine white sand beach of about 1000 km square with blue lakes right on the sand, forming cool and wonderful oases.


If it was the first time to see, surely you would think Lençóis Maranhenses was a real desert. However, in fact, it is not a dessert but just giant sand dunes located just outside the Amazon basin, which suffers from frequent rains at the beginning of the year. Therefore, whenever rain falls from July to September, water accumulates in valleys between sand dunes, forming clear blue lakes.


Located between the border of Brazil and Argentina, Iguazu waterfall is said to be unlike any other waterfall in the world. This waterfall forms from the eruption of volcanoes and are covered with lush tropical forests all year round.


Iguazu waterfall system consists of 275 large and small falls, stretching over 2km on the Iguazu River and averaging over 60m. The number of water flows varies and depends on the seasons. Among them, Devil’s Throat fall is the largest and most impressive fall, from an altitude of 82m, with a width of 150m and a length of 700m. Looking down from above, the majestic waterfall with its white water flows, crept through every stone, and green trees to fall into the river below.


Ouro Preto has a Baroque-style architecture, especially those decorated with gold. Ouro Preto is preserved very carefully and continuously so that all architectural populations are almost kept intact, even the gold mining tunnels are deep underground.


Visiting the city, you can see many magnificent churches and palaces with unique architecture. Typically, the Nosa Ire - the building is decorated with over 400kg of gold and Sao Francisco de Asiris – the home to many works of great sculptor Antonis Erancisco Lisbca.


Joaquina Beach is located on the east coast of Santa Catarina Island, which owns the most famous sand dunes in southern Brazil and is especially famous for surfing.


While strong waves continue to create ideal conditions for surfing activities, the large sand dunes also attract sand surfers along the terrain. The beach is also famous for its stunning scenery.


Niteroi Contemporary Art Museum is located in the city of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro and directly designed by world famous architect Oscar Niemeyer with the support of structural engineer Bruno Contarini. Completed in 1996, it has attracted a lot of visitors from all over the world since its completion.


The museum is designed with 3 floors, 16m high, with a dome of 50m diameter. According to architect Niemeyer, he designed the building in the form of a flower floating above the water. However, according to many visitors, the project is like a flying saucer. Around the building is the vast Guanabara Bay. From the Niteroi museum, you can cover all the beautiful scenery around with green Guanabara Bay and tall Sugarloaf Mountain.

By: Mithrine Smith

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