5 luxurious ground paradises to stay for Cannes

Celebrities in the movie industry often choose their own high-class accommodation on the occasion of the Cannes Film Festival.


1. Barriere Le Majestic (Cannes): Arriving at this hotel at the Cannes Film Festival, you will easily see A-list stars in the film world. Barriere Le Majestic attracts celebrities not only for its luxury but also for another reason. According to Business Insider, Francois Andre, the founder of Cannes Film Festival, appointed this hotel in 1946 as a "hot spot" to host the opening and closing of the festival. Therefore, many cult stars decided to stay at this hotel during the event.


Barriere Le Majestic has a prime location when it is only a few steps away from the Cannes Film Festival. In addition, the stars when coming here also experience upscale resort space with a private beach, casino, outdoor hot water pool with a spa system, class restaurants. The average price for a night in Barriere Le Majestic is around 800 USD.


2. InterContinental Carlton (Cannes): This hotel is one of the top choices of famous guests when attending Cannes. On the occasions of Cannes, Grace Kelly, Clint Eastwood, and many other A-listers decided to book a room at InterContinental Carlton. This hotel has a perfect private space, especially suitable for the stars who want to avoid scrutiny from paparazzi. Besides, the hotel also has a 24/24 beauty team to cater to the needs of the stars.

intercontinental-carlton-1 intercontinental-carlton-2

InterContinental Carlton has a total of 343 luxurious rooms, many separate bars, suitable for the diverse tastes of guests. The hotel also owns a system of desirable restaurants with both indoor and outdoor spaces. The average price for a night here is about 1,000 USD.


3. JW Marriott Cannes (Cannes): Just step out of the door, customers of JW Marriott Cannes immediately see the beautiful beach ahead. However, many stars do not even want to go to the sea because this hotel owns a rooftop swimming pool with a view looking towards the ocean. After a relaxing time, guests can try their luck at the hotel's own casino. At JW Marriott Cannes, there are movie-themed rooms that are suitable for many guests’ favorite.


At Cannes this year, reporters saw Ronnie Wood and Chris O'Dowd booking a room at JW Marriott Cannes. According to Mirror, the breakfast buffet with American style and special steak at JW Grill are extremely pleased to the upper-class guests. The average price for a night here is about 1,000 USD.


4. Hotel Martinez (Cannes): This 5-star hotel is located right in the center of the famous Croisette boulevard and often welcomes many A-list stars during the Cannes Film Festival. Hotel Martinez has recently reopened after closing for a large-scale renovation.


Hotel Martinez still retains the Art Deco design that has made this hotel famous since 1929. Hotel Martinez has 409 rooms, one of which is the largest room in Europe, with panoramic views over Cannes Bay and the Mediterranean. In addition, Hotel Martinez also owns a unique 2-star Michelin restaurant in Cannes, La Palme d'Or. The average price for a night here is about 927 USD.


5. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc (Antibes): This hotel does not have a very favorable location, even slightly away from the event center. However, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc always welcomes a large number of celebrities every Cannes thanks to its class and brand that has been affirmed for 140 years. The rooms here are designed in elegant style, nobility. If you prefer a quiet place, you can choose one of the two villas of the Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc.

hotel-du-cap-eden-roc-2 hotel-du-cap-eden-roc-3

During Cannes last year, Kendall Jenner and Jordan Barrett took photos together at the hotel's iconic infinity pool. This swimming pool uses salt water, built right next to a large stone block with sea views. The hotel also designs terraces for visitors to jump into the sea if they like. The average price for a night here is about 1,030 USD.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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