5 most spectacular places to cycle in Copenhagen

Denmark has a great bicycle culture and most Copenhageners use their bicycles every day as a means of transportation.

Copenhagen is a city with a great bicycle road system. Therefore, if you want to explore Copenhagen on two wheels, explore the places worth visiting on a bicycle.

Amager Beach Park

One of the best spots in town for cycling on a hot day is Amager beach park. There you will see people swimming, sunbathing, exercising, walking and of course cycling. The 3km promenade along the coast is the perfect route for a relaxing trip.


Enjoy great views of the bridges and windmills. The artificial island is only 5km from the city center. So it's easy to cycle there if you don't want to take the subway. On the way along the beach, you will see the picturesque Nyhavn and King’s Garden, so the route will definitely not make you bored.

Kastellet Museum

Kastellet is a pentagonal fortress, and it is considered one of the best-protected areas in Northern Europe. A trip between windmills and Baroque-style buildings provides a relaxing excursion from the city noise.


In addition, it is only minutes away from the Langelinie promenade, where the Mermaid is located. So after exploring the historic fortress, visit the famous bronze statue and ride the river. Located in Østerbro, on the way to Nørreport station, you will have the opportunity to see Rosenborg Castle and the National Gallery of Denmark.


For those who really like cycling, a 15 km ride on their bike sounds interesting and Dragøor is the perfect destination. Located on the southeastern coast of Amager Island, the beautiful village with colorful houses and the picturesque harbor is an ideal day trip.


Enjoy a slow ride in narrow alleys and breathe the fresh air of the countryside. If the distance seems too long, take the subway to Copenhagen's airport and get off at the last station for another 8 km to reach the old fishing village.

Jægersborg Dyrehave Park

Cycling between ancient oak trees and deer in Jægersborg Deer Park. You may take a moment to explore the entire area, but make sure you enjoy every minute of the route.


Somewhere in the giant tree canopy located in the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken, as well as many stalls and restaurants filled with delicacies will tempt you. This unique forest is located near Klampenborg train station, just 25 minutes from the city center. Finally, after your trip at one of UNESCO's World Heritage Sites, ride your bike toward Bellevue Beach (about 10 minutes) to see the sea.

Frederiksberg Gardens

Copenhagen city center is full of green parks, offering peaceful moments away from cars and traffic lights. One of the best places to explore on two wheels is Frederiksberg Gardens.


In the summer, there are many people practicing, going on a picnic, walking or cycling. You should explore the vast green area and see the water channels, as well as the 17th-century Frederiksberg Palace.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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