5 luxurious superyachts in the world that everyone dreams of

Traveling by yacht has always been the dream of many people, especially in an era when tourism has become an integral part of life.


The interior layout of Khalilah can accommodate up to 11 guests in 5 rooms, including 2 main suites, 1 VIP guest room, 1 double cabin. The superyacht is also capable of carrying up to 9 sailors to ensure guests experience a luxurious, comfortable and safe yacht. Modern design and beautiful layout create an elegant and luxurious space for the yacht.


The luxurious entertainment and entertainment areas make Khalilah the ideal yacht to relax with family and friends. Khalilah superyacht is covered by eye-catching golden brown color, has a length of about 49 m, owns a unique ladder stretching across the water. In particular, the walls in the seating area of the yacht are designed with transparent glass, with views to the vast ocean.


The color and interior design of Aurelia show that the owner of the superyacht has a passion for motorsport and racing. The yacht can accommodate 8 guests with 4 double rooms and an additional 6 people in the crew. The giant slide on the boat is a highlight to attract visitors.


The dining area onboard is designed with a large round table. Cozy living room space with L-shaped sofa, 2 designer armchairs, and warm fireplace. The accommodation has a private bathroom. Bertone (orange Lamborghini), Pininfarina (red Ferrari) and Zagato (green Aston Martin) are race car designers who inspire the décor of the guest room.


This yacht with a length of nearly 69 m owns a karaoke bar containing thousands of songs, luxurious outdoor bars, double hot tubs, and giant movie theaters. In addition, the super yacht is designed with a unique beach pool.


The beautiful pool at the beach can protect visitors from jellyfish and children are allowed to experience it safely. The yacht contains 32 guests with 16 rooms fully equipped, including 2 main suites, 7 VIP guest rooms, and 7 double cabins. 34 crew members onboard help guests experience comfortable relaxation.


Representing a new generation of superyachts, Savannah is designed modernly with full facilities and luxurious resort services. It was voted the yacht of the year at the 2016 World Super Yacht Awards.


One of Savannah's most popular areas is the undersea Nemo lounge, which gives guests the experience of admiring the aquatic animal paradise on the soft sofas. In addition, the yacht has a 9-meter swimming pool, gym, spa, and 24-person crew to serve guests on the excursion.


The superyacht features a 3-person submarine that can dive up to 100 meters. Therefore, visitors will experience the feeling of adventure when exploring sea paradise. The oval staircase is impressively designed. In addition, the yacht is also fitted with an elevator.


Accommodation onboard includes 4 living rooms and a gym, which can be converted into cabins for 2 people. The yacht holds a maximum of 12 people and a crew of 7 people. On the superyacht, tourists can relax with a drink at the luxury bar and enjoy dining in an elegant dining area with sea views.

By: Abigail Harris

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