5 weirdest hotels in Europe for an extra enjoyable trip

​​​​​​​Have you ever thought about spending the night in a French castle, a yacht in the Mediterranean, or some strange hostel or hotel in the world that promises to bring a lot of new experiment?

Finding a suitable place for on your trip is one of the important things when traveling. However, instead of the familiar motels and hotels all over the world, you should try checking out the strange motels and hotels in Europe below, you will probably find a truly interesting stop for your trip.



From the banks of the Loire River in the middle of the same-name valley in Beaugency, France, you will see a monastery built in the 11th century that has been transformed into an elegant hotel called the Grand Hotel de l'Abbaye.

This hotel has an ancient, mysterious style with ancient stone corridors, steps, and handrails that have become shiny and worn in the middle because of the mark of time. The rooms of the hotel have high windows, furniture made of hardwood and iron, decorated with luxurious red carpets and eye-catching red and yellow tones painted on windows from the floor to the ceiling.

Here, visitors can take a dip in a hot tub which is nearly 5 feet long, in addition to sitting in a cozy leather chair placed next to the fireplace, and nothing is more wonderful than leaning back on that chair and sipping a cup of hot coffee on cool days.

Besides, the hotel also offers a buffet breakfast with a simple menu but unlike any hotel in the world, such as cakes, jams, cheese, etc. which are all are products made by priests all over France.

Room price: About $77 per night.



Nestled on the top of a mountain above Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stone house called Varda House. It is a perfect place for those who want to "detox" on phones and the Internet. This is just a small two-story house overlooking the surrounding immense green hills, blue ponds scattered around and the undulating stones everywhere.


Varda House has no network, very few mobile services, so it will be a suitable place for you to let down your phone and immerse yourself in the life outside.

Room price: About $84 per night


If you've ever wondered what a night in prison will be like, this will be an opportunity for you to answer your questions without having to do anything illegal. Built in 1862 and decommissioned in 1998, Lucerne's former prison has now been built into a prison-style holiday home, where visitors can rent a room at a relatively cheap price, only about $50 per night.


This hostel is called Barabas, named after an artist who was once imprisoned here. He was known for the intricate frescoes created during his captive days about all the things he missed in the outside world.

Today, 60 old cells have been remodeled into small rooms with heavy iron doors and blocked window frames in the style of cells. If you notice, you'll still find old doors and old stone walls, as well as boxes of newspaper articles related to this prison in the past.



Located far away from the bustling Lake Bled is a quiet camping area with modern wooden huts suitable for those who want to mingle with nature in a small but cozy space. These huts are fully furnished with a large bed, a hot tub, a porch, and a covered seating area, etc.

Half of the huts are located in a lush green forest with transparent-glass windows from ceiling to floor so visitors can take advantage of beautiful views outside right inside the tent, especially at night.

Although the outside seems small, the interior of these small huts is not inferior to any motel. Each tent will have a fully equipped private bathroom but only for a few dollars per night. Even on cold days, visitors can also take a dip in a hot tub, light a campfire every night depending on the needs of each person.

In the morning, guests are also offered a huge picnic basket filled with gifts like coffee and milk in a thermos bottle, croissants, yogurt, jam, honey, and daily breakfast. Moreover, with just a 5-minute walk through the campsite, visitors will come to a lake to indulge in the passion for swimming or walking, strolling into towns to discover all the cultural and daily life activities of the people here.

Room price: $68 per night (for two people), $22 per night for one person.



Listed on Airbnb as one of the best places to relax on the Mediterranean Sea, Mgarr - the famous sailing boat in Gozo, Malta, attracts visitors with the rooms which are designed like a cave. Getting off the boat and going ashore, you will find a beautiful stroll through the island and have the opportunity to admire the breathtaking natural beauty of this place.

There is a bus service nearby that regularly runs to the island's capital city Victoria, where you can find everything you need. And when you've finished shopping, enjoy the bustle of the city, return to the boat and continue to immerse yourself in the peace of the sea.

Price: About $74 per night.

With the list of the most exotic hotels in Europe above, hopefully, you can find yourself a truly satisfied and interesting destination for your vacation.


By: Veronica Nelson

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