6 strange prohibitions tourists should know in Venice

In order to protect its inherent beauty, Venice city made some strange prohibitions on the list of illegal acts.


In addition to the common violations such as littering and buying food from illegal vendors, Venice gives some other strange things that if you intend to travel to Venice, you need to pay attention to avoid troubles.

Sitting in St. Mark Square


Many people think this is a very normal thing but if you come to this city, sitting in the wrong place at St. Mark Square is also illegal. Sitting in the following places in St. Square Mark is forbidden except some cafes or restaurants here such as the Walk of Doge's castle, Piazzetta dei Leoncini north of the square, steps, and walkways of Procuratie Nuove, Napoleonic Wing, outside the Sansovino library and the entrance to the square.  Venice mayor has proposed to extend the ban area outside St. Mark  Square and a fine increase from 200 euros to 500 euros (equivalent to 223 USD to 557 USD) which is awaiting approval.

Feeding pigeons or seagulls at St. Mark Square


This regulation has been in place since 2008, throwing off pieces of bread for pigeons parked around the city's most famous square is illegal. That's because the droppings of birds are acidic, they can destroy mosaic works on historic buildings around the square. The law also applies to all public areas of the city, including squares and canals. If you violate, you will be fined from 50 euros to 200 euros (56 USD to 223 USD).

Jumping down or bathing in the canals


It can be said that one of Venice’s specialties is beautiful canals. Therefore, people and visitors will be fined 450 euros (502 USD) if they are caught swimming, diving, or taking a dip in the canals, even in the river basin in the area of St. Mark Square or any water area near the urban residential area to keep its tourist symbol.

Hooking the locks on the bridges and monuments


Most tourists visiting this dream city like to hook locks into bridges. However, the number of love locks on the Rialto bridge, the Ponte dell’Accademia and Ponte Degli Scalzi increase dramatically each year. Therefore, the current lock on the bridges in Venice as well as other monuments has been banned. This law was first issued in 2016, with a fine of 3,000 euros (3,344 USD). After that, the fine was reduced, but the people who intentionally lock the keys will still be fined 100 euros (111 USD).

Riding or using a bicycle in the city


One more strange taboo that you need to know is about rising or using a bicycle in the city. The city government regulates that only residents of the city and children not older than 8 years old are allowed to use bicycles to travel here. Visitors, if caught, could be fined 100 euros (111 USD).

Wearing swimsuits in public places

On summer days, the weather in Venice may be quite hot. However, no matter how hot it is, you are not allowed to wear swimsuits here. Those who walk around Venice wear swimsuits or don't wear T-shirts can be fined 200 euros (223 USD) for each encounter.

By: Grace White

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