7 spectacular roads splitting the sea surface into two

The sea surface is separated by a sandy road, which creates beautiful scenery.


The road crossing the sea in Ko Nang Yuan (Thailand): Located on the northwest side of Thailand's Ko Tao Island, Ko Nang Yuan attracts visitors by the white sandy road that floats on the sea surface, connecting 3 small islands close to each other. This road becomes the main beach and favorite check-in area of visitors. However, at the end of the day, when the tide is high, the sandy road will be covered by seawater.


The road to Diep Son Island (Vietnam): As a new tourist destination, Diep Son (Khanh Hoa province) recently attracts many tourists to visit by beautiful natural scenery and a unique white sand road connecting two islands. Less than 1 km long, the road is submerged about half a meter below sea level. Therefore, tourists can easily move on this sandy road to take photos.


The sand road connecting Jindo Island and Modo Island (South Korea): This road is one of the tourist attractions in Korea. From about March to June each year, this road will appear twice, each lasting 1 hour, when the tide level drops to the lowest level. This time, domestic and foreign tourists will come here to travel between 2 islands on a unique 3 km distance.


The road to Charles Island (USA): About 1 km from the city of Milford in the coastal area of Connecticut, Charles Island is famous for its beautiful mid-sea road. Every time the tide goes down, the sandy and gravel road will stand out in the middle of the sea, leading visitors to the legendary place of the lost treasure of infamous Captain Kidd.


The road to Cramond Island (England): Cramond village in the suburbs, northwest of Edinburgh, Scotland possesses a mid-ocean path leading to the small island about 1 km from the mainland. Like other sea roads, this road often appears at low tide and disappears afterward. If visitors miss the low tide, they can only see a long row of stone columns blocking the waves on the undulating sea surface.


The road connecting the mainland and Mont Saint-Michel Island (France): Not only famous for its magnificent fortress between the sea but Mont Saint-Michel Island also attracts tourists by a long distance of about 1 km connecting the mainland to the island. The sand road has now been built solidly to allow traffic to pass. When the tide is high, seawater can still spill out the road.


The sand road to Kalanggaman Island (Philippines): To the Philippines, visitors should once set foot on the spectacular sandy road to Kalanggaman Island and enjoy the peaceful space on the beautiful long beach. Seawater on the island is so clear that tourists can see the bottom. The sandy road across the sea is also one of the favorite check-in spots for many young people.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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