7 sports you should try when traveling Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil offers attractive sports as well as Samba, the sun, and the beaches.

Referring to Brazil, people will immediately think of the peak football matches, beautiful tropical natural landscapes, street festivals, and Samba dance. All of these factors have attracted millions of visitors from all over the world to Brazil.


One of the most famous Brazilian tourist cities is Rio de Janeiro. You can expect a lot of interesting things in this beautiful city with a new experience and the most popular sports in Rio.

Running, cycling and skateboarding


Fortunately, the unique combination of Rio's natural landscape and urban life still offers plenty of safe jogging and biking spaces, away from the busy roads in the city. 

Running along the beach from Leme to Leblon is a 10-kilometer long road that runners, skaters, and cyclists love. Another popular jogging, biking and skateboarding path from Praia de Botafogo (Botafogo Beach) to Flamengo Flame Park (Flamengo Park) is also the route many Brazilian tourists choose.


Itau, a major Brazilian bank, has developed a bike rental service for only $ 10 a day from any bike station around Rio de Janeiro. Use is limited to 1 hour per vehicle but you can leave the bike at one station after one hour and change to another one.

Outdoor fitness 

Outdoor bodybuilding is a unique culture in Rio de Janeiro, with some designed for those who love sports that need this hard work.

These fitness areas are scattered around Rio de Janeiro city. Although the training equipment is not too complicated, visitors can still train the main muscle groups and not too require comfort.


In order to practice more effectively, you can interact with the local boys with the passion of the gym and increase the connection with people. You will always be welcomed when you burn with your passion for the gym in particular and sport in general when traveling to Rio de Janeiro.

Indoor gym

If you want a more private and comfortable space for gyming in Rio de Janeiro, you can search and book hotels with gym, pool and sauna services for free.



Yoga in Rio de Janeiro is attracting foreign tourists to Brazil. Outdoor classes are an especially great way to exercise while immersed in the vibe of Rio de Janeiro.


Classroom locations vary, from Ipanema Beach to Jardim Botanico, and classes tend to be limited to avoid overcrowding and maintain quiet spaces. However, some classes are open to all and attract larger groups, enhancing community exchanges.


The mountainous terrain near Rio de Janeiro offers some of Brazil's best hiking trails and more challenging climbing experience.


Sites that are easier to conquer include Morro da Urca, the small mountain peak behind Sugarloaf and Pedra Bonita, Dois Irmãos. More arduous walks include Pico da Tijuca, which is one of the longest with impressive scenery and suitable for practical climbing with the help of safety equipment and professional trainers.

Water sports

As a coastal city, Rio de Janeiro offers countless opportunities to experience surfing, kite surfing, swimming, boating, paddleboarding, and windsurfing.


Praia Vermelha in Urca is a small beach in the bay and located at the foot of Sugarloaf mountain. For surfing and kite surfing, head to Ipanema, Barra de Tijuca or Recreio, where the water is fast flowing and also organize short-term classes to help increase your knowledge of sports.



Football is a national sport of Brazil and closely connected with the spiritual life of the people of South America. Almost every amateur match competes on the beaches in the form of friendlies among the locals. If you visit the bustling beaches of Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to cheer and be confident to participate directly in the simple football matches. 

By: Grace White

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