7 unsanitary places attracting visitors to check-in

With the gum wall or rat temple, you need a pretty good immune system to visit the place full of pathogens.


Chewing gum wall (USA): Since the 1990s, while waiting in line to enter the Seattle's Market theater, many people have habitually chained gum on a nearby wall. As a result, the wall at the length of 15m was covered with a layer of gum with colorful and flavorful gum. Last year, the wall was cleaned for the first time in nearly 20 years. After nearly a year, this place returned to its original state with thousands of chewing gum.


Blarney Stone Castle (Ireland): According to legend, if anyone kisses a stone at Blarney Castle near Cork town, that person will have excellent speech skills. More than 400,000 visitors kissed this stone every year. Chuck Gerba, professor of microbiology, visited Blarney Castle and refused to kiss the stone. He said: "My wife kissed it and I had to wipe her mouth before I kissed her."


St. Mark’s Square (Italy): Doves are considered the dirtiest creatures in St. Mark’s Square. Here, thousands of birds will be ready to land on tourists or even excreta on the tourists’ head. Health experts think this is a very unhygienic location. Therefore, bird food has been banned from selling to tourists. City officials even locked them in nets to free the square from these birds.


Wine bath (Japan): The famous wine bath service at Kowakien Yunessun hot spring resort has brought a whole new effect from this luxury drink. A huge pool filled with red wine and hundreds of bikini-wearing tourists immersed in it and enjoy this delicious drink. In terms of benefits, alcohol is antiseptic. In addition, if you like coffee, you can choose to soak in a coffee-filled bath.


Oscar Wilde’s tomb (France): Ever since the famous Irish playwright died in 1900 and was buried in Paris (France), many people kissed tombstones to show their admiration for his literary career. The tomb was covered with hundreds of lipstick stains and has now been cleaned because of many criticisms that this is not appropriate.


Berkeley Crater (USA): Compared to the locations filled with bacteria above, this place is filled with toxic gas. This half-mile-long crater in the United States contains strong acidic water and emits a range of other dangerous chemicals. Health care expert Andrea Stierle said: "When you get to the Berkeley crater, you should really learn a course on poison prevention and should only stay away from the water surface." However, many tourists flock here to check whether their lungs are resistant to things such as sulfuric acid, copper and arsenic.


Karni Mata Temple (India): If you hate rodents, Karni Mata temple, home to about 20,000 mice is not for you. Many visitors from all over the world have come to the temple for the mysterious legend of the rat in Karni Mata fairy tale. Among thousands of mice, only a few white mice, and they are considered to be the embodiment of gods.

By: Kelly Jonas

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