8 world-famous food fight festivals you may not know

Spain is famous for the La Tomatina tomato-throwing festival while the orange-throwing festival is traditional in Italy.


1. Tomato-throwing festival - La Tomatina, Spain:

Bunol Town (Valencia, Spain) is the place where the famous La Tomatina festival is held on the last Wednesday of August every year. The fight of tomatoes was first held in 1945 and still remains to this day. With more than 130 tons of tomatoes used during this festival, the whole town of Bunol is dyed red.


2. Holi festival, India:

Holi also has another name, Spring Festival. This color festival takes place all over India in March every year. On this day, the young and the old go down the street, get dressed in white and throw water and gulal powder (colored powder made from herbs) to each other.


3. Wheat flour festival - Clean Monday, Greece:

This event takes place in February or March in Greece and the Republic of Cyprus. The festival is organized by the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church. On this day, people go down the street and throw flour to each other. The meaning of wheat flour festival is to entertain and purify the body and soul.


4. Orange-throwing festival, Italy:

Ivrea, northern Italy is the place where food fight takes place. Orange throwing festival takes place in 3 days, with nine teams dressed protective gears. There is about 226,000 kg of oranges used in battle. This world-famous festival originates from medieval times.


5. Cheese rolling in Cooper Hill, England:

This festival dates from the 15th century, held annually on the last Monday of May with a rather dangerous way of participation. The organizers prepare the famous Gloucester cheese with the size equivalent to small tires, weighing 3-5 kg, covered with wood, beautifully decorated, then released from the top of the hill on a vertical slope of about 200 m. The player has the task of chasing the cheese block rolling at the speed of 112 km / h, whoever catches it will become the winner.


6. The battle of eggs and flour - El Enfarinats, Spain:

This festival has a tradition of 200 years, taking place in Ibi town, Alicante province, Spain and is a part of "Innocents Day". According to biblical legends, this is the day of the massacre of innocent children. Participants will wear firefighters, police and throw each other with "weapons" from eggs, flour and fireworks.


7. Ice-cream cake fight - England:

This is one of the most attractive food-throwing festivals in the world. This unique festival was first proposed by Mayor Mike FitzGerald in Maidstone town (England) in 1967, inspired by scenes from comedy king Charlie Chaplin. Currently, this festival is held annually at Coxheath (England). The war is divided into many teams. The score is based on the number of cakes each team hits on the opponent's body.


8. Sweets battle - La Merengada, Spain:

This sweet festival takes place in Vilanova i la Geltru village, an hour journey from Barcelona (Spain). During the festival, people will go down the road and throw each other with colorful candy, even "weapons" that are both wheat and water.

By: Grace White

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