9 weird traditional flirting and wedding styles around the world

There are so many ways to find the love of your life. But these are maybe the strangest.

1. Bride kidnapping

tradition marriage and flirt

In Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, the guys used to kidnap "the dream girl" whether she liked it or not. With the help of family and friends, he would try to kidnap the girl and take her home. While she was held as hostage in their own home, the guy's family would try to persuade her family to let her marry this guy. Depending on the social status of the boy, the girl's family could take part in forcing her to stay or try to help her escape. Although banned in 1991, nearly 1/3 of the marriage of Kyrgyzstan is said to start like this.


2. Bundling

tradition marriage and flirt

The Amish people are known by many strange traditions and you will be very surprised to know that they are allowed to sleep or flirting on the bed. The boys and girls will be sleeping together with a wooden stick barrier. In some cases, there will be a "council" always willing to stop the young couple if they go too far. In other cases, each person must be tied to a particular blanket and before being allowed to lie next to each other and chat all night. This tradition has been fading away but it is still used in the Amish community in Pennsylvania.


3. Gerewol male beauty contest

tradition marriage and flirt

Beauty is a trait that Woodabe people in Nigeria appreciate. At the end of the rainy season, the men here would have an annual beauty contest to impress the opposite sex in the tribe. The women will take advantage of the contest to find out who is right for them by characteristics such as impressive height, bright eyes white teeth, warm voice...

With Yakee dance, the men will compete with each other to get attention. Not only express themselves through the dance, they also sing to the audience as long as possible. It may take up to five hours in the heat of the desert, but the young men are forced to do it. If fail here they will have to wait another year to have new opportunities.


4. Government intervention

tradition marriage and flirt

In Singapore, during the years from 1988 to 1999, people had a habit of lying alone on bed for a rest after a long day working. This trend caused birth rate dropped significantly. In 1991, the government also provided fund to support couples had more than two children. When this method was no longer effective, the government established a social development agency to connect young couples by opening dating and love classrooms or organizing tea parties, balls... Despite government effort, young people in Singapore are still inclined to pursue careers.


5. Miai

tradition marriage and flirt

Since the feudal era, marriage must be based on political interests in society. This also appears among the upper middle class in modern Japanese society. The preparation for marriage is the work of a "matchmaker". This person will learn thoroughly about both families' situation to see if they are adequate or not. Then they exchange pictures capture the whole family each side, based on the authentication to go to marriage. This procedure seems to be effective in Mitshubisi when helping their employees find "the one".


6. Tree marriage

tradition marriage and flirt

In India, there is an ancient belief that girls are destined by Mars will not have the opportunity to get married, even dating. They have the conviction that anyone who dares to approach those girls will be ended with failure and death.

To avoid bad things, first the girls will have to marry a tree to remove the influence of "Red Planet". They said that the tree will withstand the punishment of the wrath of Mars better than human fiance. That tradition survives until now.


7. Love shack

tradition marriage and flirt

With Kreung people in Cambodia, the father will make a shack for daughters when they reach puberty. She can invite male friends and spend time choosing the person she loves most. Villagers here are not afraid to have sex before marriage and they think the shack is a way for the girls themselves choose and decide their husbands. According to these people, divorce and rape does not exist in their community.


8. Wooden spoon

tradition marriage and flirt

Days ago, a Welsh man had carved up a spoon as a symbol for his feelings for future bride. This tradition is said to be derived from the sailors when they returned home after several days at sea, they had gifts for their lovers.

The spoons were complex carved by hand and often have different icons with different meanings. Although this tradition is being faded, wooden spoons can still be used to express feelings. If the woman feels the same way, she will wear the spoon in her neck, if not she will return that spoon.


9. "Sisters' meal" festival

tradition marriage and flirt

The event was organized by the Miao people of southwestern China and is regarded as Asia's Valentine's Day. These girls are unmarried will cook rice dyed in four different colors to represent the beauty of the four seasons. Entering the festival, they will wear colorful clothing and jewelry.

Here, the bachelor will try to flirt with love songs. When a girl wants to express special feelings to someone, she gives the man drink and a handkerchief full of rice. If she agrees, that person will receive a handkerchief with a pair of red chopsticks, it means "I love you too". For those who find a chili or a single red chopstick, that is rejection. However, if someone finds a needle with attached gifts, it means she is undecided and he should try harder.



By: Rita Campbell

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