Bekonscot - The most expensive tiny village in the world

​​​​​​​The village of Bekonscot is not only famous for its picturesque roads, but it also attracts tourists because the tiny village has "tremendous" value.

Bekonscot is the most special old village in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire, England. This toy village stretches over an area of ​​more than 6,000 m2, with small buildings made exquisitely from wood, stone, metal, grass, etc.

Despite only a toy model, the small village truly reproduces the picture of a distant memory of England and has become one of the proofs of the country's unique cultural identity. So Bekonscot became the oldest and most valuable toy village model in the world.



Few people know that this tiny village started as a form of entertainment for the accountant who designed his garden. Roland Callingham, a Beaconsfield resident, built Bekonscot in the late 1920s for the purpose of entertaining visitors coming to his garden.

Callingham developed the master plan for this miniature empire as an addition to his vast garden through the help of his employees: gardeners, chefs, maids, and drivers, etc. Together they developed a model of the village to describe the image of suburbs of England at that time.

From a big sea, freshwater lakes to railways, all were produced at the hands of Roland Callingham's employees in a rudimentary but extremely meticulous way. The brainchild of the inexperienced artisans later became a masterpiece of design art and was handed down from generation to generation.



Bekonscot quickly became a tourist attraction worldwide. Only after 1930, its existence became widely known, attracting the attention of the press and the public. Thanks to the extensive communication, Bekonscot has received a stable number of tourists with investment invitations from many large businesses with the desire to expand and perfect this unique model.

The village expanded in size during the first half of the 20th century and became an ideal model for architects who want to embark on a tiny model design path. Bekonscot has been the inspiration for many other model villages and miniature parks around the world, including Babbacombe, Southport, Tucktonia, Madurodam, Bourton-on-the-Water, Wimborne, Great Yarmouth, Clonakilty, and Mini- Europe. Therefore, it is considered the father of the model village and miniature model design movement around the world.



There are actually 6 village models within Bekonscot. These are completely fictional towns but many of them are based on British buildings in the 1930s. The next generations of craftsmen, gardeners, artisans contributed to build a bigger village.

Stepping into this tiny village, you'll be like stepping into the space of the suburbs of England in the past with neighbors chatting on the street, young people gathered around the square, a housewife was cleaning the window.

The artisans also created a rather humorous scene like a painter falling from a ladder, a waitress spilling an apple cider while she was deliverieng to a customer or a thief who was running while he was being chased by the police.

Bekonscot has a large railway with small trains controlled by computers and they run around the village with a loud whistle. Among them are a few trains that have been running for more than 50 years, each running about 3,200km per year.



The fairy world of Bekonscot is opened by vivid images of ancient houses and smooth green trees. Each house has different shapes and sizes appearing under the trees. The small houses are half hidden half appearing in the ground covered by vast green grass fields.

All houses have round doors and pretty small tables and chairs as if they were for someone so small. Both the small paths weaving through each layer of smooth green grass and the bridge spanning the river create a peaceful rustic picture. It is the place where whoever has arrived won’t want to leave.


Almost all tourists are fascinated by the tiny island. Not only were they captivated by the breathtakingly beautiful landscape, but they were also fascinated by the religious architecture of an English village in the 1930s. The church has been a priceless work of art for centuries, a place to vow to go together to the end of the lives of many couples.


To date, Bekonscot has attracted more than 14 million visitors and collected nearly 5 million pounds. The entire proceeds are used for charitable activities. Therefore, when mentioning Bekonscot, people are not only impressed by the beautiful architecture and the poetic scenery as if coming out from a fairy, but it also has a beautiful human meaning. So, if you travel to England, you should not miss this unique tourist destination.

By: Garry Pena

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