Charming fall all over the world

Fall in Korea, Japan, Russia… with yellow and red leaves everywhere, which create a beautiful scene.

The miraculous transformation of nature each fall seduces the heart of visitors. Fall is associated with yellow and red leaves, which makes the scene everywhere more brilliant color and more attractive and brings visitors many levels of emotions unforgettable.


Japan: Fall, the scenery everywhere is poetic. Colorful streets and ancient temples lurking behind the rows of trees make a brilliant and poetic painting. Do not miss visiting the Daigo-ji Temple (Kyoto) and Lake Ashi - two places selected by Places to See magazine as having the best fall in the world. In addition, visitors will experience the feeling of a hot spring bath and full of views Fuji - a symbol of Japan.


Korea: Fall of Korea is not only the beauty of yellow leaves which make visitors think of the painting "Golden Autumn" by the painter Levitan, but also has the red spot of the maple leaf. The scene becomes more romantic.


China: In September, the regions of Xinjiang, Jiuzhaigou, Zhangjiajie or Beijing have become beautiful when fall comes thanks to the fact that the trees begin to turn green into yellow. The dry and warm weather is suitable for outdoor activities. In particular, visitors also have the opportunity to attend the Mid-Autumn Festival, an ancient tradition of people here.


Fragrant Hill Park (Beijing) attracts millions of visitors to admire the maple trees, smoke flowers, plants changing color beautiful leaves. Guests can sit by cable car to reach the top of the hill and admire the most beautiful scenery of fall here.


In addition, guests can drop themselves in the ancient space.


Russia: If you come to Russia on this occasion, visitors not only feel the gentle winds, but also admire the beautiful and strange scenery. Travelers can step feet to legendary fairy space even once arrive here.


The Summer Garden in St.Petersburg dates from the 18th century with red, yellow and orange colors. In addition, visitors can also watch the sunset on the beautiful bay. The appealing scenery attracts many visitors to the Moscow parks and the paths of the Patriarch.


Canada: A country well known for its maple leaf symbol, Canada in fall became more vibrant by the new colored forests and streets filled with red maple leaves. One of the interesting autumn attractions is Algonquin Park. There are more than 1,200 campsites, so you can also take part in activities such as hiking, mountain biking.


Eastern European countries: Coming to East European countries in fall, visitors are immersed in the charming space of the red maple trees shimmering in the sunshine, or stroll around the beautiful old Venice with brick colors- traditional red of the Mediterranean.


Visiting Prague, you will be impressed with the old castles, palaces and churches such as The Castle Area, Royal Palace, St George Basilica, St. Vitus Cathedral, Strahov Monastery where preserve the cultural values of the country. In particular, visitors also participate in many festivals and cultural events to learn about the history, culture and art of this beautiful European country.

By: Mithrine Smith

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