Discover the most beautiful villages in Italy

Not Roma, Florence, Venice, Milan but the small romantic villages in this boot shaped country are enough to make visitors dream about a holiday here.

These are small villages still intact with the "very Italian" charm thanks to the sprawling colors of the buildings, the beauty of the flowers and the unique shaped houses that raise their value.

And outside the Cinque Terre, five small villages are well-known world heritage sites, the most beautiful villages sought by international visitors such as:

1. Portofino

The fishing village of Portofino in eastern Genoa in the Liguria region is small but famous in the tourism world and has become a stop for most yachts in the Mediterranean Sea.


Brightly colored houses built long ago by picturesque villas between a natural park and a marine reserve create a peaceful and elegant image for Portofino.


2. Burano


Burano in the northern lagoon of Venice is one of the most sprawling villages in Italy. Burano's highlights are bright, colorful houses along canals.


There is an opinion that the colorful colors of the houses against the wet. Others are more romantic, so it is easy for fishermen to see their house and their beloved wife from the distance.


3. Atrani

Italy's smallest village Atrani in the province of Salerno, the Campania region still maintains its tradition when night falls, its shimmering lanterns from fishing boats.


Nestled between the cliffs and the sea, Atrani enchanted guests in the distance by the graceful beauty of nature and medieval architecture on the narrow slopes and beaches in the center of the village.


Visitors can have the opportunity to explore one of the world's most famous cliff-lined roads built in 1840


5. Pitigliano

Lying on a huge stone bar shaped from the volcanic ash in Tuscany region, the picturesque Pitigliano village has a fascinating history with the nickname "Little Jerusalem" since the 15th century.


Past imprints are visible on Roman ruins, medieval houses on narrow streets like labyrinths, typical old Etruscan caves and even traces of a Jewish ghetto have create a mesmerizing space for guests.


6. Tropea

The small village of Tropea, situated on a 60m high cliff, offers views of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a gem of Calabria. In the summer, from the road to the shops and beaches in Tropea is a real ocean of people.


As a coastal resort with many clear coves, blue sea, but Tropea still satisfies tourists who love culture by the unique architectural works, ancient religious relics in gravel alleys of 3,000 years old.

The most famous sight in Tropea is a rocky nose from the shore that reaches the sea a few hundred meters. On the rocky tip is the Santa Maria dell'Isola monastery built in the 7th century.

7. Alberobello

Almost every tourist site recognizes Alberobello in the Itria valley, Bari province, in the Puglia region, among the most beautiful villages in Italy.


Small village houses with a mushroom-shaped roof cover the mostly intact limestone walls as a testament to prehistoric architectural techniques. The neighborhood Monti has more than 1,000 cone-shaped houses along steep alleys that are always full of visitors.


8. Poglignano a Mare

The region of Puglia also has Polignano a Mare, a 24m-high village on the limestone cliff that attracts visitors with beautiful limestone caves at the foot of the village. The white houses on the cliffs in harmony with the turquoise waters of the Adriatic Sea create a perfect picture for Polignano.


Grotta Palazzese with nearly 80 natural caves through the rocks close to the village is the largest and most famous cave Polignano. You can go to Grotta Palazzese with a narrow stair sculptured onto the stone.


Previously, Lord Polignano used to connect with the village center to use as a ballroom as style of the Palace of Versailles in France. It is now the most romantic restaurant in Italy, operating from May to September, above is Grotta Palazzese hotel.


By: Andreas Luigi

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