Hokkaido – 'Snowy Land' in Japan

As the second largest island in Japan, and dubbed the "Snowy Land", Hokkaido owns many interesting things that attract tourists all year round.

Green pond in Biei


Biei is a small town, surrounded by beautiful nature. There is a green pond - an artificial lake, formed after the construction of a dam in 1988 to prevent mud flow from the Bieigawa River. Blue highlights are the result of aluminum hydroxide. Moreover, the color depends on the season and the time of day because the water itself is not green but the diffraction effect.

Sapporo Beer Museum


In 1860, Germany introduced beer to Japan. It has become the most popular and popular alcoholic drink ever since. The museum offers free guided tours and 30 minutes of beer tasting for a small fee.

Sapporo Snow Festival


Sapporo is Japan's fourth largest city located on Hokkaido Island. If you are looking for some fun in the winter, this is the right place to go. Sapporo Snow Festival is a major winter event in Japan, attracting many foreign visitors. The artist presents many amazing ice and snow sculptures. The event often opens in February and lasts seven days.

Asahi Peak


At 2,290.9 meters, this is the highest mountain in Hokkaido Island. However, it is easy to climb and the pedestrians find it a popular summer destination. Meanwhile, in winter, this is a popular place for ski lovers.

Shibazakura in spring


Every spring, thousands of tourists visit Takinoue Park to see the pink moss or the brilliant Shibazakura. Between May and June, fields below the mountainous area are covered in a beautiful colorful flower carpet.

National Parks


There are six huge national parks on Hokkaido Island, which have an impressive natural scenery. From lakes to mountains and volcanoes, from waterfalls and forests to fields blooming in spring and summer - any time of the year people will find great scenes.

Noboribetsu Onsen


The hot springs of Noboribetsu are the most popular and are always top of the onsens in Hokkaido. Water is rich in therapeutic minerals and is covered by amazing beautiful surroundings, providing visitors a complete getaway from busy cities.



The waters surrounding the island are very rich in marine life. Fishermen often catch and deliver fresh seafood to markets and restaurants every day. Therefore, visitors can taste delicious dishes on the journey around the island every day.




The ski resort is famous for skiers and snowboarders because of its special soft snow. However, in the summer, it is also famous for its flower fields that cover large areas. Thousands of visitors come to see the colorful flower festival.



The historic port city is the first place in Japan to open up international trade. Therefore its culture and architecture are quite diverse. Looking from Mt. Hakodate is considered to be one of the places to see the most spectacular cityscape in Japan.

By: Emily Garcia

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