Immerse yourself in traditional festivals in Russia

​​​​​​​Russia is also a country with a famous culture including traditional festivals that attract many tourists all over the world.

Winter see-off festival


In the past, this ceremony was a dedicated festival for farmers in Russia. After a cold winter, ice and snow covering the fields, the farmers expected the winter to pass quickly so that they could continue their farming work in the spring. This special festival is usually held in places with large spaces so that many people can participate. The winter ritual is always opened with pictures of cute little boys wearing traditional clothes and holding straw torches to burn giant effigies.

Winter Ivan Kupala festival


Ivan Kupala festival is also one of the traditional festivals in Russia taking place in the winter, but the difference with the winter see-off festival is Ivan Kupala festival held in the house. Porridge is an indispensable traditional dish at this festival. The ingredients of porridge are barley, mixed with honey. Traditionally, the dish must be brought to the ancestors first, then the family members and guests. In particular, people leave a little in the pot to bring out to the god of ice.

Summer Ivan Kupala festival


This is one of the major festivals in Russia for girls seeking lovers. They make fortune-telling with their wreaths, then drop into the river right on the night of the festival. In the festival, there is a very special performance that only the most courageous people will join to jump over the fire. According to the legend, during the night of the festival, if any couple in love looking into the forest will witness many mysteries.

Shepherd festival


The shepherd festival is one of the traditional festivals in Russia that dates back to ancient times. This festival takes place in the spring after the cold winter days when the snow begins to melt, plants and grasses return to green. The sheep locked in cages and eating hay during the winter is now going to the green steppe to breathe fresh air and eat young grass. The keepers say goodbye to their families to take care of sheep. Therefore, this festival is organized to see off shepherds on the mountain. During the festival in Russia, people often dance, invite the freshest lamb cheeses, drink sheep's milk wine, and eat pastries.

Maslyanitsa festival


Maslyanitsa is a Russian festival of vegetarianism. Before the festival takes place, the Russians will hold a pancake week. This pancake week is also called crazy week because everything will be turned upside down. People will wear a monstrous mask, men dress in women's clothes and vice versa, etc. The giant straw mannequin will be burned in the festival symbolizing the winter greeting of the Russians. This festival also features many delicious dishes, especially with lots of wine.



Easter is a traditional festival in Russia that often has very special sweet bread or also called Easter cake. Colorful eggs will also appear in Easter, people give each other to eat eggs in the hope that the best will come to the invited people.

By: Emily Garcia

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