Ladakh - Little Tibet in India

Ladakh is a pristine land in Northern India that hides mysterious beauty, known as Little Tibet with many similarities in culture and climate.


If the Indian people are asked about the land of beauty, charm, and mystery in their country, the answer will be Ladakh, which is dubbed the "Little Tibet of India". Not only with foreign tourists, every day, a large number of local tourists still flock to Ladakh from many places, just for the purpose of admiring and exploring this endless land.


It is known as Little Tibet on Indian soil because of its climate and culture very similar to Tibet. Ladakh is a very special land where Buddhism in general and the Drukpa Lineage in particular flourish, creating a prosperous Buddhist culture. In addition to the unique cultural features of the Himalayas, this land possesses the beauty of a mixture of wilderness and mystery.


Ladakh originates from the states of Jammu and Kashmir stretching over the highlands and Himalayas. The name Ladakh means "the land of the high roads", so when exploring the magical country of Ladakh, do not be surprised here owns the highest roads in the world. Affected by desert weather, daytime temperatures are very high, but at night it drops below 0 degrees Celsius.


However, this is not a place tourists want to be or just book a plane and have a gentle presence, to Ladakh you need more than that. Tourists need to have patience, determination, a passionate heart to explore with tireless feet.


April is still cold, but it is a beautiful blooming season. May is an Indian tourist season from Mumbai, New Delhi to Ladakh resort. From June to September is the season of foreign tourists.  October is autumn, and villages like Turtuk are covered in beautiful yellow-red leaves.


Ladakh is famous for poetic valleys. The most beautiful ones are Nubra, Markha, Zanskar, and Dha-Hanu.


There are many activities visitors can do in Ladakh. Visitors can visit Sankar Gompa monastery, Shanti stupa or Jama Masjid church. These are all bold architectural works of Buddhism. In particular, the white Shanti stupa was built on the top of the hill in the style of a beautiful dome with many valuable Buddhist monuments. This tower was built from 1983 and until 1991, it was completed and intended to commemorate 2,500 years of Buddhism's birth.


Visitors can also take a bus and go to one of the nearby villages with Buddhist monasteries or simply the houses of the Ladakh locals to witness their lives. Ladakh culture is very close to Tibetan culture and Buddhism is the main religion here. 


Another great place in Ladakh that visitors should not miss is Tso Moriri, also known as Lake Moriri. This is a salt lake with an area of about 120 square kilometers, located at an altitude of 4,500m above sea level, located completely within Indian territory.


Ladakh is one of the most beautiful and pristine landmarks in the world. The majestic and rugged alpine terrain, along with a rich history of spirituality, has made this place a particularly suitable place for those who love peace and tranquility.

By: Roxana Edwards

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