Little-known things about the movie capital Hollywood

Big letters on Hollywood hill were originally used to advertise real estate, not being a movie capital.


Hollywood in Los Angeles City, California State not only focuses on studios but also a popular tourist destination in the United States. Behind the glamor and bustle of Hollywood are obscure secrets.

The escape from New York

Before becoming a world cinema capital, Hollywood in 1900 was just a small village with a few acres of land and about 500 people. Over the years, the area had had a reputation for cultivating oranges. By 1911, David Horsley Nestor opened the first studio film here. Soon after, 15 other studios left New York center to Hollywood.

The first film studio in Hollywood was named Nestor Studio, located at 6121 Sunset Blvd.

Later, experts called this the escape from Jeremiah Kennedy's exclusive film group. New York was no longer the promised land for independent filmmakers when Jeremiah always sought to acquire studios by harassing and smashing.

The first film was made in Hollywood in 1914 entitled "The Squaw Man", and marked the beginning of the modern Hollywood film industry. By 1915, most American films were produced in California, which was 4,500 kilometers away from New York. Few years after moving to Hollywood, independent studios were strong enough to confront Jeremiah Kennedy. Finally, the American film industry has broken a unique dream. Hollywood's population increased continuously from 500 people in 1900 to 130,000 people in 1923.

Military barracks during the war

From a remote village, Hollywood gradually became the nursery of film dreams. However, not all dreams were pink. In 1920, the economic crisis strongly affected the film industry. By 1941, along with the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hollywood was swept into World War II. Dedicated vehicles for film studios were used to carry soldiers. Stars such as Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart immediately joined the army.

Movies praising patriotism dominated the screen. The Hollywood symbol had a new meaning in wartime. This place quickly became a safe barracks for American soldiers to stop. The war was over, Hollywood returned to its rightful value and became the new symbol of the American film industry.

The origin of nine letters on Hollywood hill

Today, nine white letters on Hollywood hill have become familiar to visitors, but few know that their origin has no meaning with movies.


Originally, these words were not Hollywood but Hollywoodland. This was, in fact, a huge real estate sign created in 1923 by Harry Chandler- the editor of Los Angeles Times. Each letter was 15 meters high, 9.1 meters wide, heading south. People used about 4,000 light bulbs for lighting at night.

After the advertising campaign ended, the word was left on the hill. In the early 1940s, Hollywoodland company went bankrupt due to the impact of the economic crisis. The symbol of Hollywoodland was then seriously degraded, naturally becoming the property of the city in 1944. In 1949, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce decided to restore the word, dismantling four letter - "Land" behind. The result is the word “Hollywood” with nine white letters are kept until now. Today, Hollywood is not only a neighborhood name but also a symbol of an industry, a lifestyle and a desire for generations.

The truth about the stars on the Walk of Fame

Cinema capital is always full of writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, musicians and organizes 54 film festivals every year. Theaters are open every week and concerts, film shows, art performances with endless schedules ensure visitors are not boring when visiting.


One of the most visited and checked-in destinations for travelers to Hollywood is the Walk of Fame. This is a road for pedestrians, honoring the names of artists from all over the world, in five areas: cinema, television, music, radio, and drama. There are more than 2,600 stars on the Walk of Fame. There are people who are honored up to 5 times on this path like cowboy singer Gene Autry in many different art fields. There are stolen stars and must be replaced.

Visitors can also engrave their names on the Walk of Fame. With 10 USD, you can engrave arbitrary letters, accompanied by a small Oscar statue. After that, visitors are free to take pictures to check-in. You can even buy this service package on some online travel websites for 20-25 USD and many attractive options. In addition to Walk of Fame, Hollywood has many other attractions such as Universal Hollywood Studios, Los Angeles Natural History Museum, Walt Disney Concert Hall and Venice Beach.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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