Sicily: the 'Mafia mecca' in Italy

This beautiful island is the place chosen to perform many immortal scenes in the famous "Godfather" series.

Referring to Italy, surely everyone will immediately think of famous destinations like the unique Pisa leaning tower, the majestic Rome city, the peaceful and poetic Venice, the fashionable Milan capital, or well-known cuisine. However, Italians often tell each other that, coming to their country without visiting Sicily island, your trip will lose many interesting parts.


Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and the 45th largest one in the world. This is the largest area of Italy, located in the center of the Mediterranean. The island has a similar shape to a triangle and is famous for the name "mafia mecca" after a series of dramatic scenes in "Godfather".


Every year, Sicily welcomes about 4.5 million international visitors. Tourists often come from April to October. After the success of the blockbuster movie, many travel agencies in Sicily have organized tours to visit the sites that were chosen as the context. In addition to the "Godfather" footsteps, the island is also famous for its pristine natural landscape and beautiful heritage recognized by UNESCO.

1. Savoca village


If you are fans of the "Godfather" blockbuster series will not be difficult to recognize Savoca, a village on the hillside east of Sicily. This beautiful coordinate was chosen to make romantic scenes about the love of Michael Corleone and Apollonia - the two main characters in "Godfather".

2. Bar Vitelli


If you have the opportunity to visit the Savoca village, do not forget to stop at Bar Vitelli, where Michael asked the shopkeeper - Apollonia's father to hold an engagement ceremony for two people. This bar is designed to be extremely unique like a stone house from the 18th century. Especially, inside the house, there are still many pictures and memorabilia of the film crew when performing the filming scenes.

3. San Nicolo church


The context for the wedding of Michael Corleone and Apollonia is in this San Nicolo church. If you pay attention to it, in the movie, you'll see the couple coming down the slope just outside the church, following them as family and music band.

4. Forza D'agro village


Forza D'agro is the village that appeared in many scenes of the film. Here, visitors will surely be attracted by stone roads and beautiful buildings.

5. Cathedral of Sant Agostino


This church appeared in Part I of the movie when Michael first arrived in Corleone with his bodyguard. In part II, this place was chosen to be filmed when Vito, Michael's father fled to the United States, under the intense pursuit of Don Ciccio (who ruled the Corleone village and also killed Vito's father).

6. Teatro Massimo Opera House


The theater opened for the first time in 1897 and is one of the largest opera houses in Europe. This is the place where the last memorable scene of the film was performed when Michael Corleone's son performed an opera, and his daughter died on the doorsteps.

7. Degli Schiavi castle


This beautiful castle appeared in both Part I and Part II of the "Godfather" series, in the scene of the car explosion after Michael's wedding. Degli Schiavi's beautiful and poetic architectural style also attracts many tourists every year.

8. Taormina train station


This station was chosen to replace the real village of Corleone because this village has a high crime rate and is not suitable for filming. Taormina train station is located in the same town on the east coast of Messina province, Sicily island. This place appeared in the scene where Michael Corleone and his second wife named Kay Adams came to Corleone village.

9. La Limonaia villa


This beautiful villa was built in the first half of the 18th century in Catania city, Sicily island. In “Godfather III”, La Limonaia was chosen as the home of the villain Altobello-Michael's old friend. Here today are often chosen to organize luxurious weddings.

By: Jimmy Saunders

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