The smallest town in the world - Croatia's favorite destination

Hum - the world's smallest town - with only 17 people living is one of Croatia's most beloved destinations.


Hum, the town on top of Istria hill, Croatia, is recognized as the world's smallest town. This town was founded in the 11th century, when Hum castle was built on the location of the ruins of an ancient Roman settlement. After that, the first houses appeared around. This is one of the most attractive destinations in Croatia.


Hum is built and developed inside the castle walls, never spreading out. Until the 17th century, in historical documents, Hum was called a "castrum", meaning "fortress". Today, the town has only 20 buildings on two paved streets with 17 people living.


The most interesting way to travel to Hum in Crotia is to go from Roc town, 3 km from Hum, along the road there are huge stone monuments. Each statue represents a letter of the Glagolitic alphabet, so this road is called "Glagolitic road".


You can enter the town through a single gate, built in 1562 and then upgraded by modern metal workers.   Hum is located near Roč, deep in the interior of the Istria peninsula. These two towns are connected by a common history and culture, and are now Glagolitic Alley. The history of Hum begins in the Earl Middle Ages, and the fact that the town is completely surrounded by old walls and not many buildings outside are particularly interesting.


Due to its peculiarity, the town is truly unique and interesting with historical, cultural explorers especially nature lovers. Dense forests, meadows and hills are perfect for long walks and short family excursions.

Thanks to favorable conditions for the growth of Buzet mushrooms, this aromatic fungus almost became a symbol of the town. Therefore, the town of Hum is also called "mushroom town". A visit to Hum should be ended with a visit to one of the mushroom farms.


Despite its small size, Hum has all the usual town services, including: central square, post office, temple, town cemetery, craft souvenirs shop by Istrian master, a local wine store and city museum.

Visitors can visit Hum's traditional konoba restaurant, where you will be invited to try a local herb 38% alcohol made by the formula over 2000 years old - Humska Biska.


On traditional Election Day, Hum people choose town administrators. The traditional election day ended with a dance ceremony and music performances lasting until midnight.

There are a number of landmarks in the town such as the Hum Church - St Jeronimo (built in the 12th century), which has great preserved frescoes in the second half of the 12th century; The clock tower was erected in 1552 and the Assumption of the Church of Mary was built in 1802.

The world's smallest town Hum is a great destination that you should not miss when visiting Croatia.


By: Adrian Bucker

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