Top 7 royal palaces that take you back to your fairy dream

If you've ever fallen in love with castles in fairy tales, these lavish royal palaces below will be great destinations for you to admire the real-world fairytales.

Topkapi Palace, Istanbul, Turkey


Topkapi Palace, located on a hill overlooking Bosphorus, is a very famous palace and a must-visit destination for visitors to Istanbul. In the past, in the heyday, Topkapi palace could accommodate up to 4,000 people at the same time and had buildings such as hospitals, bakeries, and churches. This palace was like a miniature city and a residence of the king, and the Omani empires for over 400 years. Currently, Topkapi Palace is a place to display souvenirs and supplies, serving foreign ambassadors visiting Istanbul.

Winter Palace, St. Petersburg, Russia


Winter Palace is a testament to the strength and power of the Russian empire. This palace has an extremely lavish and magnificent architecture with a Baroque style, characterized by oval arches and windows. Winter Palace has more than 1,000 rooms with 117 stairs, 1,786 large doors, 2000 windows, especially more than 200 sculptures. Currently, Winter Palace is an art museum, displaying millions of masterpieces of the world's leading artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, and Van Gogh.

Imperial Palace, Japan


This palace was built at the site of the former Edo Castle with its vast campus surrounding moats and stone walls. The Imperial Palace is currently home to the Imperial Japanese family. Therefore, this place is not open to the public. During the year, the palace is only open for two days is New Year's Day (January 2) and Emperor's birthday (December 23).

Grand Palace, Thailand


Grand Palace is one of the three extremely famous palaces of Thailand and has been the official residence of the Siamese emperor since 1782. The palace was built in the very typical architectural style of Thailand with its curved roofs. The inner area of the palace includes the Jade Buddha Temple and the extremely sacred Buddhist sculptures. Grand Palace is currently a very popular tourist destination in Thailand.

Alhambra Palace, Andalusia, Spain


Alhambra Palace is located on top of al-Sabika and is known as the pearl of Moorish culture. The palace features a distinctive red brick color and Islamic-style architecture. Alhambra Palace has a harmonious architecture with nature, people and Moroccan culture. 

Buckingham Palace, England


This is one of the few famous palaces in the world still in operation to this day. Buckingham Palace is 108m long, 120m deep, about 24m high, and currently has about 775 rooms. This is the residence of Queen of England and members of the royal family. The architecture of the palace is very beautiful and lavish, decorated in three main colors: white, yellow and red. Currently, each summer, the Queen opens the palace for people and tourists to visit. 

Mysore Palace, India


Mysore Palace is impressed by its splendid beauty, built with granite and pink marble. Inside the palace, there are 2 large ceremony rooms and 18 temples. The interior of the palace is very lavishly decorated with mirrors, stained glass, intricately carved wooden doors, and large gardens. On weekends, this palace is lit up by 100,000 lights, making it even more prominent and sparkling.

By: Scarlet Johnson

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