Ubud - The most significant art market in Bali

Coming to Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, make sure you don't not miss the art market, where you can find from wood crafts, jewelry to traditional costumes, pictures...


Coming to Ubud Town - the center of Bali Island, make sure you will never miss Ubud Art Market, where you can find from wood crafts, jewelry, traditional costumes to coloful pictures...




Located on the main road Jalan Ray Ubud, the street is always crowded with hotels, restaurants, and royal palace Puri Saren. It is understandable why the market is always full of tourists.



Just a local market, but this place is considered as the most worth visiting market in Bali. Goods here are appreciated because of good quality, diverse designs, and cheaper price than other places of the island.



Souvenirs are made by the people in the traditional villages around Ubud as Tegallalang, Payangan and Peliatan village.



You might feel a little bit dizzy in front of the forest of souvenirs with plenty of different colors and types sold around the market. Most visitors come here to buy souvenirs or gifts for friends after a trip to Bali.



From all types of sarong (women's costume in Malaysia, Indonesia), traditional​ jewelery and costumes in Bali until sculptures hand crafted sophisticatedly... this art market has everything. Certainly no one can leave here empty-handed.



These colorful ​dreamcatchers with many different sizes will also footbind female guests visiting this market.



Bali people is famous for being handy. Many workers trim and paint wooden animals and bring them to market.



Travelers are advised to bargain to pay from a half to one third the price of the item you want to purchase. If you bargain smartly, you can buy the ones you like very cheaply.



Opening time of Ubud Art Market is from 8 am to 2 pm. You can park your vehicle (if you have one) outside the gate and then begin sightseeing and shopping.

By: Frank Ernest

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