Visit Amalfi region once in a lifetime

Not being bustling like Palermo or Florence, Amalfi is still a worthwhile place to visit in Italy.


If you've ever visited romantic Italy, you might have noticed the strange and subtle difference in the central Italian town of Amalfi, where the houses crouched on the cliffs face the deep green bay. The difference does not come from the scenery or people, but from the atmosphere and the mountainous lifestyle of the people here. 


Compared to Palermo, Florence or any city of Italy, Amalfi clearly lacks the bustle and prosperity. However, the delicate architecture on the Mediterranean coast is still there, the elegant and serene spirit of the Italians is still there. Amalfi lies behind the rugged mountains, the road to this place is honored with beautiful words: the path of the gods. Understandably, this place was chosen as the retreat of many movie stars, celebrities, and powerful politicians. 


Although the language is also helpless against the wild, beautiful and so peaceful beauty of Amalfi, people have had vivid pictures and movies to revive the sprawling colors. Imagine, the small bay is full of luxury yachts, thousands of colorful houses clinging to cliffs. Mixed streets are luxurious restaurants, cafes, where visitors can have breakfast, watch the dawn or enjoy dinner in the sunset. 


As the familiar resort of the upper class, the tourist service in Amalfi is also amazingly developed. The beautiful Mediterranean attic restaurants, Michelin-star restaurants, resorts, and hotels are all sprouting up, giving visitors a truly different experience of enjoyment. 


Driving along the Amalfi coast, you will go through 13 different villages and towns in turn between Vietri Sul Mare and  Positano. You can drive along the main road of the Amalfi Coast, Strada Statale, or you can choose to stay in the homestay of the locals, then rent a boat to explore the sea yourself. 


As a coastal mountain area, visitors to Amalfi can join trekking, hiking with the most poetic roads on the planet. Fun activities outside the beach such as swimming, diving, partying on yachts, squid fishing, kayaking, surfing, sunbathing, and watching stars at night attract thousands of visitors to join every day. Windy coastal cafes, lounges, pubs with sloppy live music and cool cocktails are the places to enjoy Italian life. 


June is the best time to visit Amalfi when the bright summer season is just beginning and the number of tourists who have not flocked like is fewer than in July and August. Once you visit Amalfi, you will surely be lost on the path of the gods and admire the overwhelming beauty of this eternal land. 

By: Jimmy Saunders

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