Visiting 10 of the world's most brilliant destinations

The colorful city, the red volcanic lake like the death pit are the most brilliant destinations in the world you should visit once in your life.

Antigua, Guatemala


Antigua is located in the area around which the volcanoes occasionally erupt. There are ancient streets which are recognized as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, each of which is painted in 12 colors of pale yellow, pink, red, light blue ... accompanied by names such as Rojo Santo Domingo or Amarillo La Merced. Whenever it rains, the surrounding mountains blossom and the city looks like a flower in a garden.

Venice, Italy


Burano Island residents in Venice love the vibrant neon colors. Each house must have a different color to the neighbor’s, and be repainted every two years to avoid fading. Therefore, Venice's canals create reflections on two sides of the block, which is as beautiful as the photoshopped picture.

Procida Island, Italy


With colorful houses, the small island of Procida in Italy has always fascinated visitors by its uniqueness.

Reflected on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the village of Procida becomes more vibrant, giving viewers the feeling of being lost in candy-colored houses filled with fairy tale colors.

Cano Cristales, Colombia


Situated on the shores of dry plains and the crater of the volcano, Lake Natron is considered the death lake with its ferocious red color.

With high saltiness and alkalinity, Lake Natron in Tanzania is a dangerous place for animals and tourists, where it is only suitable for saltwater algae and creatures. The blood-red color of the lake is the result of photosynthetic algae.

However, for those who love to explore the majestic scenery of nature, Lake Natron will be the right choice for an impressive landscape with unique colors.

Zhangye Danxia National Geological Park, China


The park is located in Gansu Province, northwestern China. Each of the mountains here has different colors and textures, ranging from scarlet, chestnut, lemon, yellow, orange, blue, etc. This is the tectonic result of the red sandstone layers and many of the accreted minerals which have merged since millions of years ago.

Antelope Canyon, USA


Antelope Canyon is considered to be a magnificent sculpture that nature has bestowed on America.

Located in Navajo, Arizona, Antelope Gorge is extremely colorful (mostly orange, purple, pink). The colors are made up of the light itself as it shines on the rock surface, and in the summer, the colors become more beautiful. Antelope not only attracts tourists but also attracts many professional photographers from everywhere.

Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia


Located in the northeastern range of the Erta Ale Range, Dallol is one of the lowest and hottest terrain areas in the Danakil Depression, Ethiopia.

Dallol Volcano attracts tourists by its bright colors. It is known that the combination of hot spring, sulfur mountain, acid lake, iron oxide lake and salt layer hidden under the Danakil desert has created this unique terrain.

Valley of flowers in Indian National Park


Go to the National Park of India, you will be completely overwhelmed by the brilliant colors of countless different species such as stepping into the wonderland filled with color.

With more than 300 species of blooming flowers, the valley becomes a colorful rug across the mountainside, reducing the wilderness of the Himalayas and embellishing the highlands which are covered by fog all year round.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia


With a length of 2.027km, the Great Barrier Reef is always the most popular destination in the world, with vibrant colors created by corals and algae.

This world wonder is home to more than 400 species of coral, 500 species of seaweed and 1,500 colorful fish species. With white sand beaches stretching along with the continuous color change of marine life, this coral reef is sure to be a fun destination for summer visitors.

Tulip fields in the Netherlands


Coming to the Netherlands, visitors will be delighted to admire the colorful tulips field, from red, orange, yellow, pink to purple, blue, brown, white, etc.

In September, the tulips fields are blooming and are trimmed into rows, each with a beautiful array of colors.

By: Gitta Russell

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