Yellowstone: the world's oldest national park

Yellowstone is America's first and largest national park. It owns more than 800,000 hectares of hills and breathtaking scenes.


Possessing a diverse and rare ecosystem with beautiful natural landscapes, Yellowstone Park attracts thousands of visitors to come and explore each year. In 1872, it became a national park, a symbol of the natural resources of North America. With the well-preserved wild nature, Yellowstone is also honored as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is also the world's oldest national park.

Yellowstone often occurs aftershocks and strong earthquakes


In the past, there have been many earthquakes of great magnitude, causing many forms of terrain. In 2008, Yellowstone had more than 250 earthquakes in 4 days underneath Yellowstone Lake. Today, geological activities are complex and continuous, requiring the United States Geological Survey to monitor and report every hour.

Vehicles give way to animals


There are many bison living and developing here and this is the only place in the United States that exists this animal from prehistoric times to now. It is very interesting when traveling on the roads in the main park at rush hour, the means of transport must give way to these cows. When they safely cross the road, the vehicles move forward.

Yellowstone is home to many animals and plants


This is the habitat of many animals. There are nearly 300 species of birds, 67 species of mammals, 16 species of fish, including endangered species being preserved such as gray wolves, lynx, elk, and grizzly bear. The animals in Yellowstone Park are lovely but visitors should not approach and play with them here because they are very aggressive and easy to attack people.


Yellowstone National Park with extremely diverse flora populations includes 1,700 species of woody plants (of which, coniferous trees account for 80% of the total forest area), about 170 species of invasive plants, several dozen species of identified plants, 8,000 Yellowstone sand verbena clusters and many other unidentified species.

Yellowstone has more than half of hydrothermal circuits worldwide


Up to this point, at Yellowstone Park, there are currently about 300 geysers and more than 10,000 features of geothermal with many different hot springs, gas pits, mud pits, Travertine terraces, etc. Here It is also the environment beloved by many thermophilic microorganisms, creating vibrant colors for the park.

Old Faithful - a famous geyser


One of the interesting things about going to the oldest Yellowstone park is Old Faithful. This is the famous geyser of the world. This geyser is formed in Upper Geyser Basin with frequent water injection frequency of about 17 times a day.

Yellowstone - a supervolcano


Yellowstone Park is a convergence of the largest volcanic system in North America or "supervolcano". For the first time the volcanic eruption here 2.1 million years ago, covered with soot to 15,000 km2, it was also considered one of the largest known eruptions. The volcanoes here are still active and the most recent eruption was about 70,000 years ago.

Grand Canyon at Yellowstone Park


Grand Canyon is not only in Arizona but also in Yellowstone Park. The Grand Canyon here was formed younger than about 600,000 years ago in Artist Point gorge, 300 m deep, 450 m wide and about 32 km long. It was formed and transformed over time by the activity of volcanoes, glaciers, and especially the impact of Yellowstone River. It can be said the Grand Canyon is currently the most beautiful scenery in Yellowstone Park.

By: Kelly Jonas

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