Real life 'kung fu panda'

This panda maybe a huge fan of our lovely Po.

Remember Po - a cute, chubby panda who is deeply in love with kung fu? Po, a big, clumsy orphaned boy who but eventually acquired an esoteric martial arts skill and then became the savior of China. "Kung Fu Panda" is a rare film brand that possesses a complete context in China, but is embraced by global film lovers.

Through 3 movies, "Kung Fu Panda" is a very popular series made in the animation market and deserves a strong foothold in the list of the most watched animation franchises. The special feature of "Kung Fu Panda", in addition to the fierce Chinese spirit through Kung Fu, is simple yet deep lessons about family, friendship. It also encourages viewers to always believe in their own internal strength.

Well, who could forget such heart-warming animation? This boy maybe a huge fan of the famous film and of Po himself. You can see that he is practicing kung fu, too!



By: Lily Woods

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